BIM: Technology, collaboration and innovation

BIM: Technology, collaboration and innovation

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is having a profound impact on the way projects are designed and constructed. At Boldt, we believe in its benefits, finding its many tenets of integration mesh seamlessly with the collaborative philosophies defined by BoldThinking® and Integrated Lean Project Delivery®.

In short, BIM is a modeling process that uses digital design information to explore key physical and functional characteristics of a project prior to its construction. With its emphasis on visualization and systems coordination, BIM allows all stakeholders to work as a unified team creating and updating intelligent 3-D information throughout the life cycle of a project and then access that information equally during operations. Simulating real-world performance, BIM contributes to a robust decision-making process and helps deliver projects more efficiently, saving the client time and money.

BIM offers Boldt customers a platform to virtually experiment with design ideas, evaluate environmental impacts and optimize construction flow. Information becomes transparent; waste is removed from the process and the owner's vision becomes reality.

Because stakeholders' needs are different throughout a project and life cycle of a facility, Boldt makes it easy to adapt the level of BIM that's right for you.

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