Release Date: March 1, 2010

Boldt Construction gearing up For Earth Hour

Northland New Center TV Station

Northland New Center TV Station Boldt Construction in Cloquet is also getting in on the action. They're asking employees to turn off lights in support of the Earth initiative.

Boldt says one-third of their employees participated last year, and the company is hoping for a full contribution this time around. Boldt specializes in Green Building Construction. The company has taken part in a number of energy saving projects, including the building of the School of Business and Economics on the UMD campus.

At the stroke of Earth Hour, spokespeople say Boldt will kill parking lot lights and illuminated signs. The company says they also plan to power down non-essential systems in their Cloquet office. Spokespeople say their goal is to improve their environmental footprint by slicing energy costs one light-switch at a time.

"We've been trying to be as conservative as we possibly can with our resources," said Ron Hanson, Boldt executive vice president. "I think even in trying times like this, you have to especially focus on that."

Employees who've been asked by the company to shut off lights at home say they have noticed a savings.

"Probably at least a couple bucks a month at least, and you know probably quite a bit averaging through the year," said Melissa Riess.

Experts say Earth Hour began in Australia in 2007. It's now grown into an International Event. 80 million people in the U.S. alone participated last year.