Release Date: April 12, 2009

Multimedia: Boldt Co., YMCA grow together

The Post-Crescent

APPLETON -- In some ways, the Boldt Co. and Appleton YMCA may be compared to siblings.
As Boldt's business grew, so did the family's involvement with the YMCA. At the same time, the YMCA's reach and service offerings expanded throughout the Fox Cities, thanks in part to the Boldt family's support.

The partnership between the Boldt family and the YMCA, which spans more than 50 years, is among the reasons why the organizations were selected for the Celebrating Our Volunteers' Business Partnership of the Year Award.

Tom Boldt, who serves as chief executive officer of his family's business, said supporting the YMCA is an investment in the community.

"It's about creating the kind of community you hope to build," Boldt said. "We're fortunate to have great organizations in the Fox Cities that do great work."

When people move into the Fox Cities, quality of life is among the reasons they chose to relocate, Boldt said. The YMCA's programs have helped to create that environment.

"Its values are Christian-based," he said. "The work it does with youth, young adults and the elderly. What they do is all across the board."

Since the late 1940s, the Boldt family, which turned a small construction business into a multifaceted company with a national reach, has partnered with the YMCA on many levels from financial donations to volunteer support.

The YMCA has recognized the company's support of the organization, including presentation of the Lucile R. Orbison Leadership Award, which Oscar Boldt, company chairman, and Tom Boldt, chief executive officer, both have received.

Carol Peterson, the executive director of the Appleton YMCA, said Boldt has been a big part of the organization's growth.

She has been involved with the YMCA for 27 years. Tom Boldt was among the first volunteers she met

"Tom and his father (Oscar) have been involved in so many committees and boards at the YMCA and have given their time freely because of their passion for the organization," Peterson said.

Their dedication also resonates with Boldt employees who also have volunteered time with the YMCA.

"Their belief in the YMCA has spread to their employees who also are in the trenches with the Boldt family, whether it's raising money through our annual Christmas tree sale or serving up pancakes," Peterson said.

While the company made possible numerous building additions, expansions and upgrades, the YMCA also put its services to use at Boldt.

The YMCA offered fitness classes at the Boldt Co. to help its workers improve their overall health and wellness. It also recently began conducting a fitness workshop during the company's lunch hour for Boldt employees.

Peterson said the recognition pays tribute to Boldt family's dedication to the YMCA.