We help students take knowledge to the next level

Classroom work is vital to your understanding of planning, design and construction. Real-world experience lets you expand on that knowledge.

Boldt's student internship program offers college students the chance to put themselves to the test in actual construction settings, usually earning credits toward graduation. We're not talking about busy work here; we're talking about real projects, and you'll be making real contributions to them as you work alongside the Boldt team, some of the best construction professionals our industry has to offer.

These are times of exciting change in our industry. As an intern, you'll be close to the cutting-edge ideas and technologies that define the future, including sustainable design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Integrated Lean Project Delivery® (ILPD), Lean Construction techniques and more. In the end, you'll have a portfolio that might well give you a leg up as you enter the job market.

Internships at Boldt

  • Cross many disciplines and areas of professional focus.
  • Are either full- or part-time, depending on the time of the year and your course workload.
  • Generally come paid, unless otherwise arranged.

We want to make the best our industry has to offer that much better. Will the expectations be high? Absolutely! Will you have an enjoyable experience? Yes, and the wisdom you gain will be invaluable as you set off on your career.

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