Release Date: October 29, 2015

Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE)

AGC of Minnesota

The Rochester office has been enrolled in the CHASE (Construction Health and Safety Excellence) program through the AGC of Minnesota since 2012. This program requires certain criteria to be met from a safety process standpoint. To be enrolled in the program the Minnesota AGC safety director must also visit a job site to ensure you are following the safety process you outline. Level 2 recognition is the highest level that can be achieved on a state wide basis. It means we meet 100% of the criteria used to evaluate companies from a safety process perspective.

The AGC of Minnesota has received awards nationally the past two years for the combined incident rates of its members. The 26 construction firms in the CHASE level 2 program are the higher performing and industry leaders when it comes to their safety processes and it’s execution. This program was developed in the mid-2000s to help identify and recognize the construction companies within Minnesota that are making significant impacts on the safety of the workforce as a whole, and try to bring more attention to the things that lead to safer working conditions, with the hopes of sharing those best practices with other companies.

Overall, the AGC views this program as a huge success because of the state wide average incident rate falling from 7.0-8.0 to 4.0-4.5. Most of the CHASE program members have incident rates in the 1.5-3.0 range, which is significantly better than average.